The glorious Quran Academy by ISLAMIC MEDIA

  1. Courses offered
  2. Basic Quran Reading 
  3. Quran With Tajweed 
  4. Hifz-e-quran
  5. Translating of Quran (urdu.English)
  6. Tafseer-e-quran (Urdu, English, Arabic)
  7. Natt-e-Rasool
  8. Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers.
  9. Memorization of a few short Suras (chapters)
  10. Interpretatian of Islamic Concepts
  11. Teaching of Basic Islamic Commendmants(Fiqh)
  12. Duas Prayers Kalmas
  13. Hadith OF Sahah Sitta (The 6 Authentic Books of Ahadith):
  • Bukhari Sharif
  • Muslim Sharif
  • Abu Daud Sharif
  • Tirmidhi Sharif
  • Nisai Sharif
  • Ibne‐Majah Sharif.


Fee Pakage and Class Planing For all Coursses
Plans Class                      Duration                           US & Canada         UK              Europe
2Days/week                    30min/Day                           30 USD           15 Pound          20 Euro
3days/week                     30min/Day                          45 USD            25 Pound          30 Euro
4Days/Week                   30min/Day                          60 USD            35 Pound          40 Euro
5Days/week                    30min/Day                          75 USD             45 Pound          50 Euro
6Days/week                    30min/Day                          90 USD            55 Pound          60 Euro

Special Family Pakage :

We Have Special Discount for Multiple Family Member .The family having 2 or more than 2 students can benefit form these packages:

1- Individually classes:
                                         We offer 10% Discount in mentioned fee pakage of 2 or more than 2 family membmers join the academy indiverdualy
2-collectively classes: 
                                       we offer 25% discount in mentioned fee pakage if 2 or more then 2 family members join the academy collestively

Special Pakge for aged Persons :

       Above 50 yeas old persons (Male /Female )can avid our special Discount package of 10% in adore mentioned fee package.

Special Pakge for non Muslims :

For Non-Muslam 50% discount in all the courses (only URDU Language).


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