TAWHID, Oneness of Allah in Islam (احد)

Tawhid means oneness, more broadly referring to the Oneness ‎of Allah. ‎ Tawhid is to recognize and have conviction in the belief that ‎Allah is One’ and no other is His partner in His Being and in His ‎divine Attributes… Read More »

What is bidah? Examples of bidat in islam

Bidat (bidah or biddat) means innovation. These days both shirk and bidat (bidah or biddat) are being used interchangeably with the underlying intention being to misguide Muslims. I deem it important and appropriate to first explain bidat at this point but… Read More »
shirk in islam

SHIRK meaning in ISLAM (polytheism)شرک

“shirk meaning in islam”Shirk is the opposite of tauhīd; to commit shirk is to commit the ‎gravest sin in Islam, an act Allah will not forgive. The fundamental reason ‎to send Prophets and Messengers towards humanity was to teach them… Read More »