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WHAT DOES MU’JIZA (mu’jizas) MEAN?‎ Prophethood

mu’jizas, tahaddi, prophet, Prophethood, mu’jiza To us, a mu’jiza is something proving the truthfulness of a person ‎who said he was a Prophet. There were conditions for a mu’jiza:‎   ‎1 — Allahu ta’ala made it in the absence of… Read More »
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Pakistan condemns cartoon contest of the Prophet Muhammad

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistani Senate condemned the extreme right’s intention in the Netherlands to organize a caricature competition on the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  On Tuesday, the Senate held its first meeting after last July’s general election and… Read More »

MUHAMMAD(PBUH) “The Most‐Praised One”

MUHAMMAD [The Most‐Praised One] (PBUH) is the name given by Allah to our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and literally means “The Most‐Praised One”. This name appears in the holy Qur’an four times. The Most‐Praised One [MUHAMMAD]: All praise is due to Allah .… Read More »