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Top10 New HD Islamic Wallpapers free

top10 hd islamic wallpapers free hd islamic wallpapers free top10 hd islamic wallpapers Top10 New HD islamic wallpapers free Here we give u a great list of best and new HD islamic wallpapers free download and enjoy. we have a… Read More »

Why did God impose the veil (Islamic hijab)?

Is the veil (Islamic hijab)‎ prescribed? What is the benefit of the veil (Islamic hijab)‎? The wisdom is clear that the women of the Muslims face down and cover their faces from the many of the women in the jewel,… Read More »

Specifications of the hijab (Islamic veil)

The meaning of the hijab (Islamic veil) in the legal terminology does not come out of its meaning and its linguistic significance. The veiling of the woman is the veil in which she covers herself, in which she prevents the… Read More »
ahle kitab

Definition of ahle kitab. Who are People of the Book?

ahle kitab , closely translated as “People of the Book”, is the title given to‎ Jews and Christians in the Holy Quran. ‎why they called ahle kitab (People of the Book): The term (People of the Book) itself appears in the Holy… Read More »

best islamic book on ILM E NABVI free

ILM e NABVI or umoor e dunya. nbi akram ﷺ ke kab se zyada ilm wala hone or dunyavi umoor main sab se zyada mahir hone k bare main Hazrat Allama Muhaqiq ul Asr Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri ki ahm… Read More »