February 2018


Tafsir al quran karim; Detailed explanation of Quran

A Tafsir is an exegesis; a detailed explanation.               With relation to the Holy Quran, a Tafsir serves the function of contextualizing a particular verse thereby making it easy to understand the wisdom and message contained in a verse making them easily applicable to… Read More »

What is Taharah in Islam? Meaning of ‎cleanliness?‎

Taharah means purity; cleanliness. Keeping oneself in the state ‎of Taharah is essential for both men and women. When a ‎Muslim is not clean and unable to perform daily religious ‎obligations, he/she is in the state of nijasa (impure; unclean). It ‎is obligatory for Muslims to become clean as soon… Read More »

Al Quran kareem introduction القران الكريم

The Holy Quran is the last Book of Guidance from Allah sent via the Archangel Jibrail to the Prophet of all Prophets, Muhammad [PBUH]. Allah revealed the Holy quran over the span of 23 years. It was revealed orally upon the Prophet [PBUH] and not a single word is of… Read More »

SUNNAH and Hadith Difference between Quran and hadith

The Holy Sunnah refers to the example/act of the Prophet and Hadith (pl. aHadith) refers to his holy sayings. In Sura an‐Najm, Allah reveals about the Prophet: “Your Prophet does not speak from himself. His every word is inspired and revealed by Allah. He was taught by the Mighty Powerful…”… Read More »

Four main angels & Malak meaning in English

Malak (pl. malaika) are angels; the celestial beings Allah created with noor (light). Qualities of Malak: What are the different types of angels: Malaks have no gender but generally the masculine pronoun (he) is used for them. They naturally do not deviate from their assigned roles or disobey Allah in… Read More »
ahle kitab

Definition of ahle kitab. Who are People of the Book?

ahle kitab , closely translated as “People of the Book”, is the title given to‎ Jews and Christians in the Holy Quran. ‎why they called ahle kitab (People of the Book): The term (People of the Book) itself appears in the Holy Quran 30 times. The title is such because the Holy… Read More »

Who is Iblis? Is Iblis a jin or an angel? story of Satan

Iblis is the proper name of Shaytan (Satan), as mentioned in the Quran. Iblis (Satan) is the one responsible for deceiving Adam and Hawwa causing them to be evicted from Heaven. Iblis (Satan) is a jin (fire creation): Iblis is a jinn (fire creation) and not an angel. Some Muslim scholars relate… Read More »

Definition of rasul, Difference between nabi and rasul

RASUL means Messenger. It is distinguishable from a nabi in that a RASOOL is bestowed with a holy book from Allah.‎ Moreover, the title of ‘rasul’ applies more directly to Muhammad [PBUH] and generally to those prophets who were sent with divine Books. In the Kalimah‐e‐Shahada (first cardinal article of… Read More »

Ghaib meaning in Islam (Knowledge of unseen)

Ghaib means hidden or unseen. It refers more broadly to the information of that which was purposely made hidden/unseen.‎ Anything that is hidden and cannot be seen or sensed or understood by ‎human intellect or knowledge is Ghaib(knowledge of Unseen). In Islam, Muslims are obligated to ‎bring Iman bil-Ghaib (knowledge… Read More »

Miraj definition’ Isra meaning: miracle of Miraj

Miraj (also known as Isra’) is the Prophet Muhammad ’s miraculous journey through the heavens to personally meet Allah .. This holy journey took place on the 27th night of Rajab, the 7th month of the Islamic calendar. Allah states in the holy Qur’an, Most Sublime is He Who carried… Read More »

what are divine revelation? Wahi definition in islam

 wahi means divine revelation. Every letter of the Holy Quran was sent down upon the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. Almost always, a divine revelation is sent via the Archangel Jibraail . Some divine revelations have come directly upon the sacred heart of the Prophet, without any medium. The honorable Musa was granted the honor… Read More »

Riht definition of NABI and PROPHETS in islam

Nabi means Prophet, referring to Allah’s approximately 124,000 chosen human beings. The term itself appears in the holy Qur’an 43 times. It means A prophet of and from Allah sent to the people to bring them news and knowledge of the ghaib (the Unseen Truths). NABI has the knowledge of… Read More »

TAWHID, Oneness of Allah in Islam (احد)

Tawhid means oneness, more broadly referring to the Oneness ‎of Allah. ‎ Tawhid is to recognize and have conviction in the belief that ‎Allah is One’ and no other is His partner in His Being and in His ‎divine Attributes and Works. This belief in Tawhid is the ‎foundation of… Read More »

What is bidah? Examples of bidat in islam

Bidat (bidah or biddat) means innovation. These days both shirk and bidat (bidah or biddat) are being used interchangeably with the underlying intention being to misguide Muslims. I deem it important and appropriate to first explain bidat at this point but before I do so, allow me to explain to you… Read More »